We have had the immense privilege of addressing faculty and students on numerous university campuses on these pertinent issues from a distinctly Christian perspective in order to challenge some of the dominant philosophies that are espoused.

Academic Lectures/ Papers Presented:

1. Harvard University: 
 "Ways of knowing in Religious Communities: Conceptual Limit and the Problem of Privileged Access"

2. Oxford University: 
 "Re-imagining Biology: How a Theology of Life can help reshape the Science of life"

3. Yale University:
 "Validating Other Minds: The Tacit Empathetic Dimension of Participatory Indwelling"

4. UC Berkeley: 
 "Science, Methodology and the Social Context"

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):
“Divine and Human Action in the Natural World: Why We Need to Unearth Hidden Assumptions and Reconsider Customary Presumptions”

6. Johns Hopkins University: 
 "Secularization and the Future of Western Society"

7. University of Pennsylvania: 
 "East meets West: A Critical Appraisal of Advaitic Epistemology from a Rortyian Perspective"

8. University of Chicago: 
 "Common Theoretical Themes within Jewish and Islamic Kalam Cosmological Arguments that influenced Christian Theology and Western Metaphysics"

9. University of Notre Dame: 
 "Re-evaluating Methodologies: How Human Suffering reveals our Epistemological Inadequacies"

10. University of British Columbia (Canada): 
 "The Scientific Enterprise: How Socio-Political and Institutional Structures Influence and Shape Scientific Endeavors"

11. Rice University: 
 "The Limitations of Science and the Public Good"

12. University of Warsaw (Poland): 
 "Theory and Practice: Why we can't have one without the other"

13. Boston University:
 "Religious Diversity and Epistemic Practices"

14. Georgetown University: 
 "Problem of Religious Pluralism: Conceptual Necessity and Ontological Reality"

15. Vanderbilt University: 
 "Looking Back: Re-descriptions of History and the Displacement of the Real"

16. Drew University: 
 “Thinking about the Future as History”

17. University of Texas Dallas: 
 " Re-engaging the Academy: The Humanities as an Unarticulated Constituent and the Emergence of a Truly Interdisciplinary Perspective"

18. Ohio State University: 
 "The Science of Madness and the Madness of Science"

19. University of Liege (Belgium): 
 "The Nature of Scientific Culture"

20. Baylor University: 
 "Recovery of Wisdom: Disciplinary Constraints and the Displacement of the Scientific Ideal"

21. Baylor University: 
 "The Jolly Trio: The Revelatory, Participatory and Correlative Dimensions of Film"

22. Baylor University: 
 "Appropriating Subjectivity: Plantinga’s Reformed Epistemology and the Rediscovery of Kierkegaard’s Contemporary Relevance"

23. Arizona State University: 
 "Changing the Paradigm: Toward a Post-Critical Philosophy"

24. University of Sao Paulo (Brazil): 
 "The Nature of Mental Content: Why we need to rethink the Philosophy of Mind"

25. University of North Texas: 
 "Religion as the Foundational Basis for Technology"

26. Taylor University (C.S. Lewis Conference): 
 "Arguing for God - The Unarticulated Constituent and the Emergence of a Moral Grammar"

27. Taylor University (C.S. Lewis Conference): 
 "Merging C.S. Lewis and G. K. Chesterton: God as the Unarticulated Constituent in Mere Christianity and Orthodoxy"

28. San Jose State University: 
 "Displacing the Scientific Ideal: Recovery of Wisdom in our Contemporary Academy and World"

29. Azusa Pacific University: 
 “The Inevitable Limitations of the Scientific Method”

30. University of Texas Dallas: 
 "The Tyranny of Science: Re-engaging Paul Feyerabend"