Ministry Trip to Dubai and UK (Oxford Univ.) in July! 

Finney has been invited to speak at an international conference on 'Values in the Sciences' and at a church in Dubai. He will contend that since specific values seem to ultimately determine the credence given to the available data or evidence as well as the direction of theory formation in science, a believer who utilizes theological values in similar ways should not be seen as rationally deficient or somehow intellectually below par.  This will be a tremendous opportunity to impact various practitioners of science as well as thinkers who will be gathering from all over the world! From Dubai, Finney will travel to the UK to lecture at Oxford University. He will be speaking on post-humanism and its practical implementation in science and technology (cybernetic systems, cyborgs, prenatal genetic enhancements, cloning etc.) and how this is redefining the boundaries of our humanity. All of this will be undertaken to show that a Biblical understanding of what it means to be human is more apt as a conceptual scheme for current reflection and well as future theorizing, especially in reference to technological progress. He will also be preaching at a church in Central London on Sunday morning and addressing the topic "Is God Real?" at a evangelistic outreach program on Sunday afternoon.

Ministry Trip to India in August!

Finney has been invited to speak at various universities, colleges, churches and organizations in India. He will be speaking at World Vision, Bishop Heber College in Trichy, SAIACS and Southern Asian Bible College (SABC) in Bangalore, Union Biblical Seminary (UBS) in Pune, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), SISHYA,  STEPS Children's Home, Hindustan Bible Institute (HBI), Friends Missionary Prayer Band (FMPB), IIT Chennai (on the nature of 'Science and Christianity'), St. Andrews Kirk, Emmanuel Methodist Church, New Life Assembly of God (NLAG), Metro Christian Fellowship and more. Please pray that the Lord will provide him the needed wisdom/grace and that everyone in attendance will be touched by the presence and power of God!

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“Ideologies may provide reformation but only the Truth can produce transformation... that is why Truth matters.” 

Finney Premkumar
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