Philosophy Congress in Australia

In July, Finney will be privileged to deliver a lecture entitled “Science and the Reality of God” at the International Philosophy Congress in Australia hosted by the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne. He will also be preaching at a local church over the weekend. Please pray for God’s wisdom and grace to be evident in all things!

American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) Annual Conference in Canada

In late July, Finney will be speaking at the ASA annual conference hosted by the University of Toronto in Canada.  His lecture will be entitled “Becoming more than Human? Why Posthumanism might be trying to reach beyond its grasp.”  He will offer a critique of this position and provide the needed corrective from a biblical perspective. He will also be preaching over the weekend at a church near Toronto. 

Ministry Trip to India

In August/September, Finney will be in Bangalore to speak at YWAM DTS and Chai 3:16 (Benny Prasad). He will also be preaching at 6 churches and lecturing at a number of institutions: SAIACS, SABC, UTC and the Indian Institute of Science (IISC).

Artificial Intelligence Conference in California and Radio Program

Finney spoke at the AI conference hosted by Azusa Pacific University in June along with Dr. Sherol Chen (AI Group at Google) and others. He was also a special guest addressing the question, “Should Christians be afraid of AI?” hosted by (recording available at this website) on KKLA 99.5. 




Engaging ideological paradigms within universities and institutions of Higher Learning in an effort to re-orient them to the truth of scripture and the claims of Christ


Educating the Church through apologetic seminars and teaching on various topics along with Biblically grounded messages to equip the person in the pew for an effective encounter with alternate worldviews.


Enriching culture by reaching out through various evangelistic events, especially in high schools, where the Gospel is presented with clarity and conviction.


Here are just a few of the prestigious universities we have had the opportunity to work with

“Ideologies may provide reformation but only the Truth can produce transformation… that is why Truth matters.” 

Finney Premkumar
President / Truth Matters International

None of this would be possible without your prayers and generous financial support