Artificial Intelligence (AI) Conference in Prague, Czech Republic

In March, Finney will be privileged to deliver a lecture at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague. He will speak on the computational, algorithmic as well as the mathematical limitations of AI along with a special focus on the uniqueness (imago Dei) of the human person. He will present the case that Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is in principle, impossible!

American Academy of Religion (AAR) Conference in LV, Nevada

In April, Finney will be speaking at the AAR conference hosted by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. His focus will be on the nature of truth and epistemic accessibility. He will present the case that epistemology, by its very nature, cannot conclusively be shown to be truth-tracking. As such, the argument will be made for a faith-based link between knowledge and Truth.

Center for Science Medicine and Technology at UT Dallas

In May, Finney will be delivering a lecture at the Paul K. Feyerabend centennial celebratory conference at the University of Texas, Dallas. Finney will be detailing the nature of the scientific method and its intrinsic inability to yield or support scientific realism. As such, he will argue that any kind of realism needs faith as the ultimate foundation. 

Christian Scholar’s Conference in Houston, TX

In June, Finney will lecturing on “Artificial Intelligence and the nature of the Imago Dei” at this very unique and important conference (hosted by Lanier Theological Library). He will lay out the importance of thinking about AI from the perspective of the ‘Image of God’ that makes a human person unique. A unique feature that can neither be replicated nor transferred to machines. 

American Scientific Affiliation (ASA) in Washington D.C. 

In July, Finney will be at the ASA conference in Washington D.C., hosted by the Catholic University of America. He will be lecturing on the nature of Physics and the construction of mathematical models in order to “grasp reality.” Finney will present the case that any link between theory and reality cannot be achieved without a transcendent and God-oriented perspective. 

Oxford University and Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics (OCCA)

In July, Finney will be delivering a lecture addressing exclusive truth claims in religion and the epistemological entailments at Oxford University. He will also be speaking at the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics (OCCA) on ‘Faith, Science and Artificial Intelligence.’





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Enriching culture by reaching out through various evangelistic events, especially in high schools, where the Gospel is presented with clarity and conviction.


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Finney Premkumar
President / Truth Matters International

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