Finney's Plenary Lecture at Oxford University! 

Finney is privileged to deliver a plenary lecture along with Professors Alister McGrath, Eleonore Stump and Christopher Southgate at Oxford University in July. The conference is on Theodicy and the title of his lecture will be the following: “Come Cry with Me: Compassion as a Radical Criticism of Theodicies.” This is a vast topic and Finney will be exploring how Theodicy gained currency in theological and philosophical circles, paying close attention to the ways in which Gottfried Leibniz (the one who coined the term) utilized it. He will argue that compassionate empathetic indwelling in the life of the sufferer calls into question purely rational theodicies which seem to reflect Enlightenment ideals, rather than the inductive and narrative approach of scripture.  He will also be preaching at a Church in Central London and at an outreach program for college students that weekend.

Speaking Engagements in Dubai and Germany!

Finney has been invited to speak at an international conference on 'Values in the Sciences' and at a church in Dubai. He will contend that since specific values seem to ultimately determine the credence given to the available data/ evidence as well as the direction of theory formation in science, a believer who utilizes theological values in similar ways should not be seen as rationally deficient or somehow intellectually below par. This will be a tremendous opportunity to impact various practitioners of science as well as thinkers who will be gathering from all over the world! Finney has also been selected to be part of a post-doctoral seminar at the University of Cologne in Germany during the month of August. The seminar will be focused on formal epistemology and the time of study, discussion and reflection will greatly help him in future engagements with scholars in the field. 

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