The primary mission is to confront those in the academy with the truth of the Gospel and to challenge those in the Church to live out the content of the Gospel in creative and concrete ways. Undergirded by a strong philosophical and theological approach within the universities coupled with a clear practical relevance to the person in the pew, the focus of this ministry is to challenge the dominant ideological voices of our time by presenting the truth claims of Christ to recover the conscience of a culture in order to reshape its identity and to redirect its destiny.


1. To be engaged in the current intellectual debates raging within the academy. To show that the Judeo-Christian paradigm is immediately relevant and foundational to Philosophy, Science, Religion, History and the various disciplines within the university.

 2. To influence the people in culture who might not be technical academics but are nevertheless seeking answers to the fundamental questions of life and living. Utilizing a strong apologetic approach, the purpose of these talks/forums will be to present and to bring to bear a compelling and comprehensive Christian worldview on the various issues of our time.

 3. To be involved through sermons and evangelistic messages at various Churches, Christian gatherings and outreach programs in order to energize and equip fellow believers for effective encounters with doubters, skeptics and adherents of other faiths.